As most of you are aware, after 31 years of successful partnership, upon Heather Douglass' retirement, Douglass, West and Associates ended bringing to life Kenneth West and Associates in June of 2021. Ken has decided to close down Kenneth West and Associates so as to explore another opportunity. Our last day of business was September 30, 2021. After that date Kenneth West & Associates will no longer be offering any kind of legal services. Ken West will be pursuing a new, exciting career opportunity as he has newly been appointed the Chapter 13 Standing Bankruptcy Trustee of Philadelphia.

I, Ken West, enjoyed and will forever cherish the relationships with all of my clients I have made over the years. I would like to thank all of my clients that we have done business with over these amazing 33 years, I could not have been as successful without my client’s unwavering support and loyalty. I thank my client for being with me for all these years. Thank you for being with our firm for all these years. God Bless. 

Please be advised that emails and phone lines will be continued to be monitored for the next several months.